Sunday, December 11, 2011

BOBBY at Kung Fu Necktie 12/5

First of all, I would like to apologize for posting this as late as I am. Many people would say that it's now irrelevant, but I've been in a sort of zombie like daze ever since attending this show due to working night shift. So, screw you. (Not to the bands, of course.)

Please accept these brief words and photos. Thank you, and have a good night.

You know how sometimes you attend a show, stop to look around, and realize that there aren't nearly enough people there to match the band's talent? This was one of those shows.

You know how some people only show up to a show to see one band, then leave after that band is finished playing? This was one of those shows.

Excuse my ranting, as this happens at tons of shows, but this one in particular really bothered me. I mean, how do you expect to discover new music if you don't attend an entire show? Live shows are the only way to establish this. Well, the only good way. Anyway...

BOBBY is a truly unique and talented group of people. While their music more than stand on its own, it takes a life of its own on stage. They may have minimized their touring members (you can thank Feist for snagging Molly Sarle and Amelia Meath for her tour), but they definitely weren't lacking. Maia Friedman took over the female vocals on this tour. I must say, I was pretty skeptical of this lineup change. However, BOBBY managed to remind me yet again how powerful and beautiful music can be. Sometimes, less is more.

BOBBY played some of my favorite songs off of their self-titled debut, including: "We Saw<" "Sore Spores," and "Ginger (Water Birth)."

Opening the show were Philly local bands Royal Shoals and The Sea Around Us. While I preferred Royal Shoals, both bands are definitely worth listening to.